Water pollution caused by economic and industrial development and population
increase, has become important world issue to be solved. Safe water and access
to sanitation is required universally, and it is recognized that water is a
fundamental to sustainable development.

In Japan, the quality of public water bodies was polluted by concentration of

population in cities and high growth of the economy after World War II. To
cope with water pollution and improve the living environment, the construction
of sewerage system has been promoted intensively and systemically based on
"Five-year Program for the Sewerage Construction" according to the Law.
As a result, the sewered population rate has become 64% in 2001 while it was
8% in 1965, and the water quality of public water bodies was greatly improved.
It is considered that the important factors which made them possible are legal
system for water quality control and sewage works promotion, sewage works
implementation system, financial resources, research and technology
development, and so on.

It is highly expected that these experiences in the field of sewage works in

Japan will contribute to the country in which the preservation of water quality
is needed. Especially, Japanese Government extends Official Development
Assistance (ODA), and the technology and policy making expertise
accumulated through these experiences in the field of sewage works in Japan
greatly contributes to the implementation of ODA.
Japan's ODA is executed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), the Japan
International Cooperation Agency (JICA), and the Japan Bank for International
Cooperation (JBIC). Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT)
supports economic cooperation programs of MOFA and JBIC, and JICA's
technical cooperation programs by the following.
Economic cooperation programs of MOFA and JBIC
1. Dispatching construction attaches to Japanese embassies
2. Participation in Government Missions organized by MOFA and JBIC
and research activities
JICA's technical cooperation programs
1. Acceptance of trainees
2. Dispatching technical experts for training of personnel, master plan
3. Dispatching missions for development studies to assist developing
countries with the formulation of projects
4. Project Type Technical Cooperation which combines acceptance of
trainees, dispatch of experts, and provision of equipment
JICA training course, "Sewage Works Engineering" started in 1973, and this
course has been organized by Sewage Business Management Centre
(SBMC) since 1999. It is very meaningful that SBMC has opened Home
Page and provided e-mail Newsletter in 2003, after 30 years from the start
of Sewage Works Engineering JICA training course and the year when the
3rd World Water Forum was held. Several ODA information and current
situation in Japan in the field of sewage works will be reported in e-mail
Newsletter. MLIT will support and cooperate on these activities, and I hope
a lot of people will visit this Home Page and register to receive e-mail
Hirofumi Okahisa
Director for Sewerage Planning Coordination
Sewerage and Wastewater Management Department
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport