Role and Activity of SBMC
Japan's ODA of MLIT
JICA Technical Training Program
Cource Objectives
Table-1 Number of Particpants of Sewage Works Engineering Course
Table-2 Curriculum of Sewage Works Engineering
Closing Program
Sewage Works in Japan
Bodies to implement Sewage works
Japan Sewage Works Agency
Major Objectives of Sewerage Systems and New Tasks for Future
Figure-1 Sewered Population Ratio in Japan
Table -3 Number of Wastewater Treatment Plants in Japan
Infrastructure Intensive Development Plan
Partial Amendment of Sewerage law
Partial Amendment of Enforcement Order of the Sewarage Law
Table-Classification of Planning Effluent Water Quality and Technology and Typical Wastewater
Treatment Proces
Present Status of Reuse of Treated Wastewater
Reuse of Sewage Sludge
Advanced Wastewater Treatment
Effective Utilization of Sewerage System
Trenchless Technology
Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Control
Effective Utilization of Digester Gas
Guideline for Operation and Maintenance for Sewerage System
Concept of On-Site and Off-Site Treatment System in Japan
Sewerage Facility and Organization in Japan
JS--Reserach and Technology Development Division
Sapporo City
Tokyo MG
Osaka City
Kitakyusyu City
Sewerage Facility
Sea Water Desalination Plant
Newly Developed Technology in Japan
Third Five-Year Plan for Sewerage System Technology Development
Role and Activity of Research and Technology Developmet Division of JS
Table-JS R&D Division Research Subjects in F.Y.2004
Table-Evaluated Technologies by JS Advisory Committee
Summary of Newly Developed Technologies by JS
Advanced Oxidation Ditch Process for Nitrogen Removal
Ultra-high Grade Wastewater Treatment Technology
Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)
Utilization of BIOMASS ; Sewage Sludge, New Energy Resource As Solid Fuel
Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) for Municipal Wastewater Treatment
Stromwater Control in Urban Area
Japan's ODA
Classification of ODA
Development Study
List of ODA
Exmple of Japan's ODA in the Field of Sewage Works
Training Center of Sewerage Works in Thailand
Yogykarta Sewage Treatment Plant in Indoneshia
The 3rd Water Forum in Japan
The 4th Water Forum in Mexico
The 1st AsiaPacific Water Summit in Beppu City, Japan
Newsletter Contens of SBMC Newsletter
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